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Peer Support: Words that Resonate

On October 13, the VCH Consumer Involvement & Initiatives, Peer Support Training Class of  2016-17, celebrated their graduation. Below is a word cloud based on words that resonated for grads and guests when they thought of peer support.

PSW Grad 2016-17 Words that Resonate


Peer Support Word Cloud – Generated by Grads & Guests from the Class of 2013-14

Hi all,

Happy New Year!

My resolution is to update this blog more frequently and, to start things, off, I’d like to share with you the Word Cloud that was generated by Grads and Guests of our Peer Support Training Class of 2013-14. They had their big celebration in the fall and at it, folks were asked to list words that resonated for them when they thought of peer support. The image below is what they came up with. Enjoy!

PSW Word Cloud 2013-14 vers3

Peer Support Word Cloud

On October 15, the Vancouver Mental Health and Addiction Peer Support Training Class of 2012-13 celebrated its grad. Here’s a word cloud generated with words that grads and guests said represent peer support to them.

Grad 2012 13 Word Cloud 3

Peer Support Training Class of 2011-12 Word Cloud

On Sept 7, Vancouver Mental Health Services Peer Support Training held it’s Class of 2011-12 Grad. Here is the word cloud that students and guests generated using words that represented peer support to them: