Images of Recovery: A Visual Blog

“Finding Color” Recovery and wellness are about finding the color in life.

Hi all, this blog post contains a few of my thoughts about recovery – illustrated visually.

I also just started a new Flickr group called Recovery Images. To see it click on: Link to Recovery Images Flickr Group.

The Flickr Group is meant to be a place where folks can post images that illustrate the concepts of recovery or wellness. You are most welcome to post images or just take a peek.  You’ll need a Flickr account to post.

When you have a look, click on the image to see the description of how the photo illustrates recovery or wellness.

I’d also love to hear your insights about wellness and recovery. Please post your thoughts in the “comments” section of this blog.

“Reaching Up” Recovery is about reaching up and continually growing.

“A Journey Forward”: Recovery is not about arriving at a destination and stopping. It is an ongoing journey as we travel along the path of life. Its also about moving forward, not back. Everyone is changed by their life experiences. No one can go back to being exactly the same person they were, say, five years ago or even one year ago. Our experiences transform us. We are continually growing like the trees in the image.

“Making Peace” Recovery is about making peace with the shadows in our life.

“Rising” Recovery is about rising upward, again and again.

So, what are your thoughts about recovery?


5 responses to “Images of Recovery: A Visual Blog

  1. Great images. Wellness and recovery to me mean being in good health and having a positive outlook.

  2. Hi, love the images. Recovery is indeed about finding the positive and beautiful again, even of it is not exactly what you had before, or even what you expected.

  3. Best of luck with your blog and recovery. If you would like to submit photos to our Collective at any point, the submission info is here…
    Feel free to link to our site or images any time. There are new photos and stories every day by people in different stages of mental illness, recovery, and remission. Feel well, D

  4. I love the look of this blog . . . nice, clean, airy layout, cover photo and sans serif headline font . . . and great content work so far, Renea and contributors! Best, DeeDee

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