Hello world!

I coordinate a mental health peer support program in Vancouver, British Columbia and edit On Our Way: Recovery News. I’m new to wordpress and am in the process of learning my way around, but plan to use the site to explore issues related to peer support, mental health and recovery. I’ll also feature selected articles from On Our Way: Recovery News.

I hope you like the site. If you have suggestions for me they are most welcome!

Also, check out the peer-run  Spotlight on Mental Health Website for news, resources and opportunities of interest to folks receiving mental health services and their supporters –  particularly for those who live in the Vancouver area.

4 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Congratulations for creating this very informative and educational blog!

    This is very important, as Canada needs more peer support regarding mental health and for the people suffering of mental health issues and their families.

    Thank you for all what you do to raise awareness on this issue and hopefully you will get all the peer support you deserve.

  2. Interesting blog Renea.

  3. Welcome Renea. We all need to do our part for peer support.

  4. Thanks to all! Renea

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